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Beautiful tools to help you gather data and insights like never before.

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Rethinking research

We strategically partner with research firms, Ad agencies and brand owners to supply groundbreaking tech that will change the way you think about research. Our awesome 3D stores, CG products and advanced interactive templates are used to create game-changing surveys. And through our patent pending Scenario Manager, we can control and change what each participant sees across thousands of combinations and record all the associated decisions and interactions.

Step inside your research


Conjoint research in aisle or at bay in a photorealistic, fully shoppable 3D environment with 360 product rotation, delivered over the web or in a VR headset. Test as many combinations as you like on the fly.

Gamified surveys

Using techniques borrowed from the behavioral sciences, create interactive, engaging, gamified surveys that will move respondents between System 1 and System 2 thinking and provide you with more accurate, thorough answers.

Package testing

Need to know if new packaging will help you stand out against your competition or if introducing new flavours will make a difference? Test in 3D or 2D environments to get real world decisions.

Many more...

We can provide technology and surveys for all types of research. If you have a project you would like to discuss please get in touch and we'll arrange a call or a meeting.

Environments and products

We have a library of beautiful prebuilt stores that we're continually updating. We can create new environments super-fast. And our 3D products will simply blow your mind (not your budget).

Platforms and delivery

Our ability to deliver highly sophisticated, interactive and fully shoppable research projects over the internet, to anywhere in the world, is unsurpassed. And the quality of our 3D environments and products needs to be seen to be appreciated, even when viewed on base-spec computers. We work across all platforms and deliver via the Microsoft Cloud.



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